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  1. Big Bill
    Big Bill RAPTOR2
    Hey Brother,
    How are you liking your Awesome new Raptor? We finally got some decent weather for you to properly test that Bad Boy.
  2. Big Bill
    Big Bill
    Whipple Edition 700+HP
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    2. RAPTOR2
      Hello Bill !
      Feb 19, 2017 at 3:08 PM
  3. captn spaulding
    captn spaulding
    My 2017 Raptor Avalanche Grey Supercrew was delivered last week. I finally have the truck I've been dreamimg about. So Perfect !
  4. Grv81
    Grv81 Ron.Bumpus
    Ron- do you still have the sub avail? Can you send me a few pics.... 813-335-2602

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    2. Ron.Bumpus
      I am traveling this week until Thursday, can send them at that point (unless sold on Ebay) 973-222-1033
      Jan 10, 2017
  5. GT
    GT Thomas Sawyer
    Welcome to the Z! Thanks for joining!
  6. GT
    GT 911stripper
    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Sharoni
    So happy to score my 2017 Raptor today - it was meant to be!
  8. Dirt Ripper
    Dirt Ripper
    Just moved to Danville Ca! Trying to find some good trails to ride?
  9. bds686s
  10. AMG Ducati
    AMG Ducati offroadpanda
    Offroadpanda, I saw your post from 2011 and wondered if you still have the Ford OEM running boards. I'm not far from you and am interested if you still want to sell it. Please let me know.
  11. GT
    GT Tempestamber
    Thank you very much for supporting!
  12. visual07
    Shadow Black, 802A equip, Carbon fiber, Raptor tech pack, Spray bed lin, bead lock cap wheels, dual moon roof, ADD Stealth R front bumper.
  13. RAPTOR2
    Thanx Bro. ! Done Deal ! Just switched it over to new spechs.
  14. RAPTOR2
    Hey GT , Can you change the personal details section and have the new colors and engine put in for the '17 models .... I'm stuck with Tuxedo black and 6.2L ....Need Magnetic for color and 3.5Ltt H/O for engine

    Just a thought !
    Thanx Bro !
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    2. GT
      Done deal man!
      Nov 28, 2016
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  15. dk1677
    dk1677 Greg Denney
    Welcome to the forum! Stop in at the newbie check in and say hello
  16. cheFeli
    2011 Black SCrew Raptor, 2013 KTM 300XC...Giddy uP!!
  17. cheFeli
    New to me....2011 Black SCrew Raptor.
  18. kevin
    Still driving my 2010 6.2 Raptor. I've ordered a 2017..
  19. rapnc
    Thank you everyone.
  20. scott frechette
    scott frechette
    Scott Frechette