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  1. Mis Ruby
    Mis Ruby
    New to Form. Looked through some of the post. Has anyone come up with a best performance parts group/combination that's dyno provened?
  2. Grif
    Grif Big Bill
    I just purchased a 2014 Raptor with the Fabtech lift kit installed,It looks cool but my 5 year old has trouble getting in and out of the truck so I now want to put my Raptor back to stock, but don't have the parts that were originally removed.
    So if anyone out there wants to trade stock parts for the lift kit let me know please. I am in the Orlando Fl area.
    1. Big Bill
      Big Bill
      Hey Grif post this in the WTS/WTB section of the form that would be your best bet so all can see what you're looking for. I will also let my buddies know what you're looking for and maybe post a request at the shop are used to do all my upgrades. Good luck and let us know how you make out
      Aug 17, 2017 at 11:27 AM
  3. Grif
    Just purchased a 2014 Raptor with a Fabtech 4 inch lift kit, I want to put the truck back to stock / trade lift kit for stock parts Orlando
  4. LeDoc
    LeDoc mustangbesos
    Could you gave me your point of view regarding the Sway-a-Way 3.0 Shocks versus Icon,Fox,Fox ? Factory Shocks are made steel strong enough so I have no Problem since 2011. since I do rough rocks ground off-road in north 50th paralell in Quebec I do need a steel shocks and it seems that Sway-a-Way a very good choice for me..Secondly I am interested in buying Rogue Billet uniball
  5. roadnomad
    Looking for group outings in Eastern Shasta, Lassen, Modoc and Plumas Counties. Live full time in Fall River Mills, frequent Chester, CA.
  6. 2014RaptorGuy
    Newbie, 2014 S/C Raptor Magnaflow h/o cats Magnaflow free flow X muffler and dumps 37x13.5 Toyos. Custom front bumper I built from scratch.
  7. Steve not happy
    Steve not happy
    Is anyone having problems with their sunroof leaking? Mine is leaking and I'm seeing a lot of similar online videos and information.
  8. GT
    Not that I know of. We didn't do anything that I am aware of.
  9. Ron.Bumpus
    I just bought a new 2017 Explorer and installed the VSS and RMU
    I need help getting it activated I can put my dash back together
    can you please call me at 973-222-0133
  10. RAPTOR2
    Hey GT I had 3 messages and 2 likes taken away since yesterday.
    had 1511 messages and 195 likes ... Now 193 likes 1508 messages.
    Something happen ?
  11. BritanyEFT
    Anyone know a good VINYL guy in Tampa Bay area?
    1. Mis Ruby
      Mis Ruby
      I've had great luck with my local Fast Signs
      Aug 18, 2017 at 3:05 PM
  12. Vavavoom
    Vavavoom Rene Seiler
    Hi Rene, great model! I'm from Düsseldorf, but live in Kansas City, Missouri. Will visit Germany in about a month and was wondering if I could contact you?
    (Gibt es hier nur die Möglichkeit zu posten, um miteinander zu kommunizieren? Gerne auch über Email oder WhatsApp - sorry, versuche mich noch hier im Forum zurecht zu finden).
    Grüße aus KC!
  13. Cruzin SVT
    Cruzin SVT
    Returned to the Raptor May 2017 after 4 years. Originally owned a 2010 5.4 Molten Orange Raptor and traded for a King Ranch F350.
  14. 21stdigconsumer
    Anyone got a hook-up on a msrp dealership in Colorado Springs....looking to pull the trigger soon.
  15. BregsRaptor
    BregsRaptor Black Hawk
    Hey brother trying to find the group to join. Is your direction something for desktop version of the site.
  16. BregsRaptor
    2014 Raptor with SW headers and exhaust, KnN CAI and BBK throttle body. 5 Star tuned.
  17. GT
    GT Cropdoc
    Thank you very much for supporting!
  18. Orville
    Cant post anything. Message board says no more than 140 characters when I used less than 84.
  19. d-man
    boy I got to learn here...
  20. Dstorm