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    1. CompOrangeCobra
      I'm really looking forward to some nice firm positive tire[IMG] chirping shifts from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd, had a Greg Evans 2CR shift kit in my old lightning that HIT HARD & I LOVED IT, I know, theses are different beasts but this is just my personal liking, can the "firmness" of the tune be adjusted for firmer than standard shifts from the reg. performance tune from you guys, just wondering, better MPG[IMG] & better performance are cancelling out warr worries but add tire[IMG] chirping shifts & that could get me off the fence. Thanks
    2. 5star
      give us a call just got back in town from event
    3. UH60crewchief
      Getting a Error Code 1034
    4. UH60crewchief
      Hey mike I went to load the 87 performance tune on the
      Raptor and it loaded all the way to 100% and then a screen came up and said download error return to stock IF truck doesn't start. The truck started just fine. So my question is how can I load the tune now. I tried 3 times and no joy.
    5. Rcheva007
      Good Afternoon Mike, I need to ask you a qustion I bought tunner from you for my 2010, well since then I bought a 2012, and sold my 2010 to my brother. The question is when I purchase a tune from you and I install it will it over wright my 2110, the reason I am asking is because my brother bought my old Raptor and I have all the tunes for it which I would like to know turn over to him but I am not goings to purchase another. Will the new tunes over write the old tune or can I install both tunes for my 2012 and my brothers 2010
    6. Pastors
      Hey guys I have a 2010 5 .4 with dual exhaust and air raid intake what do you recommend for a tune I recently got a cortex but no real gain or tune options then it broke . Looking for something that unlock some more power and be more relevant
    7. Stringert1
      Custom tuners
    8. Stringert1
      Hey mike, my names Tim. From new jersey, and I ordered my 2012 raptor a few weeks ago, and impatiently waiting for it to come in lol. I am in the market for one of your tuners and a cold air intake. I hear your the man to talk too. I was also wondering if you guys had any deals going on or anything, or if you offer law enforcement discounts.
    9. IslandRaptor
      Im looking into the 5star for my 2010 raptor 6.2
      how does it compare to the products offered at Hennessey?
    10. defuser311

      Been in Iraq for the last 18 months and have been following posts on Raptor Forum regarding your products. Just got back home and would like to get the intake & Tuner package you offer, before I make my roadtrip to see my family up north. How quick can that package be sent to my location in Ardmore, Alabama?

    11. Boss Hoss
      Boss Hoss
      Mike---am in class all day for this week. No phones or computers left you a message on you phone. My tuner died after I tried to flash it. Fooled with it for a couple hours and it will have to go back to Houston. Problem is after I sent it and they sent it back the tunes still do not work but who knows if it was the Firmware...

      I will need a tuner and tunes 87 90 and 93--also like the firmer trans shifting we discussed.

      Please call me 817-488-7629. My ECU code is KCE6.

      David Meyer
    12. LYC79
      :wavey: Welcome to RaptorForumZ !
      Please tell us something about you in the Newbie Check In!
    13. dk1677
      Welcome to the forum! Any questions ask us, hope to see you checking in soon!
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