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  1. GEN 1
    So just a few months ago my truck started to act up, first started when I was parked on a decline I would go to start the truck an it wouldn’t start there was plenty of fuel not to be effected by the hill the engine turned like it was trying to start but ended up finally towing it back home next...
  2. Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    Hi all, new to the forum and new to Fords as well, so I appreciate any insight. I’m looking to purchase a gen 1, and I noticed the mileage rating for the 2011 is 11 mpg city and 14 hwy compared to the 2012+ rating at 11 mpg city and 16 hwy. I know the topic of gas mileage has been beaten to a...
  3. Newbie Check In!
    This is my raptor, any mods that are recommended? I already have a cold air intake for it, and corsa xtreme exhaust, just put rock lights in it, and have plenty of light bars. The video is the most recent, the pictures are all before the rock lights...
  4. Ford SVT Raptor General Discussion(GEN 1)
    One of my headlights just recently died, and I took it out and have no clue what bulb it is, I took it to NAPA and Advanced Auto Parts but had no luck, here are some pictures of it. It is different than what the aftermarket headlight came with, and no longer have contact with previous owner.
1-4 of 4 Results