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  1. 2012 Grille (w/ Front Camera) On A 2011 & Bumper Suggestions.

    Ford Raptor Exterior Modifications
    Does anyone know if the Raptor grilles with front-facing cameras will fit a 2011? I had an accident recently (not my fault) and noticed the oem front grilles are about $80 cheaper for the 2012-2014 versions w/ cam for some weird reason, vs the 2011 versions without the cam, and figured that as...
  2. Front Facing Camera

    SYNC Questions and Info
    I'v seen some general discussions on front facing cameras, but after a trip to the dealership they couldn't answer any of my specific questions on my 2011 with Microsoft Sync. 1. Is the Nav tv upgrade (or similar product) compatible with the MS Sync? 2. I wanted to install a forward facing...
  3. Rear View Camera Replacement

    GEN 1
    So my rear camera suddenly stopped working and says unavailable contact delear. Anyway I figured out it is the camera it self that's bad so my question is, since I'm not willing to pay ford $550 for a new camera, I figured I'll buy one cheaper on eBay. Now will this work or is it gonna be any...
  4. Nav-tv Video In Motion Vim13/f-cam Kit (for 8" Ford My Touch) Brand New

    Ford Raptor For Sale
    This was purchased in 2014 and never installed. The My Ford Touch F-CAM Kit enables viewing of DVD/IPOD video/AV input while in motion, navigation destination input while in motion and forcing the front and rear (OEM) cameras in 2013+ Ford vehicles equipped with the My Ford Touch media...