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  1. GEN 1
    Hello, I’m hoping some one can help me my truck is a 2014 Ford raptor GEN one SVT My truck is having similar problems and before it was not bad and now it’s just getting worse and worse my truck will randomly quickly turn off and turn turn on while driving it does not turn off completely, and...
  2. Ford SVT Raptor General Discussion (GEN 2)
    My current 2012 raptor has 35 a set of 35x12.50 with a 17inch rim. Will these be able to fit on a stock 2017+ Raptor? I am looking to trade my Gen 1 in for a Gen 2 and would like to just keep my set of tires since they are almost brand new. I was going to have the dealership I trade at our the...
1-2 of 2 Results