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  1. GEN 1
    Hello, I’m hoping some one can help me my truck is a 2014 Ford raptor GEN one SVT My truck is having similar problems and before it was not bad and now it’s just getting worse and worse my truck will randomly quickly turn off and turn turn on while driving it does not turn off completely, and...
  2. Ford SVT Raptor General Discussion(GEN 1)
    Hi Guys My 2010 6.2L SVT raptor tranny cracked last week. Can I use any 6r80 tranny as a replacement (mustang, explorer, F150) or do I need a raptor specific tranny ? I'm in the Middle East, so its a bit difficult to get spare tranny as you would in the USA.
  3. Suspension Discussion and Mods
    Ive been told for years, the trade offs of linking the rear. That the truck would handle like a marshmallow on the road and loose daily drivability, that they cant tow, loose the bed, relocate gas tank, cage the cab etc. The Gen 3 raptor (not to mention Ram TRX) seems to gain more...
  4. Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    Found this under my 2013 raptor. (this is an ohio based truck with 33k miles) - would you consider this surface rust and can be treated? *carvana return money back guarantee is until tomorrow. So I’ll need to make a decision. I would love any tips and or recommendations please!!
  5. Ford Raptor For Sale
    Hey I am looking for a 2013-2014 Raptor, color doesn’t matter, under 90k miles.... Price range depends on vehicle. Text me pictures and info @ 951-218-3043 thanks!
  6. Custom Ford Raptor - Complete Builds
    This thread is for our entire Raptor build so we look less spammy on the forum while keeping everything in one area for discussions, Thanks everyone for your help thus far as we go we really appreciate it. Savvy Turtle Our Raptor is a 2014 Crew Cab anything you want to know feel free to ask...
  7. Ford Raptor Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    Looking to buy an oem upper bumper cover for a 2011 SCREW. Ingot silver preferred, but will take any color or unpainted. Ford part # AL3Z17D957CPTM. I can pick up if close to central WA, but will pay reasonable s/h if necessary.
  8. Ford Raptor Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    I have a 2009 F150 XLT and I'm building it out as a prerunner. I am in the market for upper and lower control arms off a 10-14. I have contacted RPG Offroad and at the moment, they do not have any in the shop but they will contact me if some show up. I live in Montgomery, TX and am willing to...
1-8 of 8 Results