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  1. Exterior Mods
    Don’t see this wheel on raptors. Would this be a good wheel to throw on a gen 1 on 35s??
  2. Newbie Check In!
    hello every one I have a 2018 ford raptor it has 120,000 km it is get worse everytime I drive the car first of all it had a rattle sound on cold start so I took it to the service center they fixed the cam phraser and for now there is a problem that they could not solve which is that while I go...
  3. 2018 Ford Raptor Forum - Reply Only
    I'm wondering if anybody here can help me with this little noise I'm hearing from the engine. Dealer has it now but I'm not getting anywhere with them. They think I'm crazy. I have a video but not sure how to share it. I'm curious if anyone else has heard this noise.
1-3 of 3 Results