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  1. 5 Star Tuning

    Hey yall so I've got a 2013 6.2 raptor and so far I've done a few mods but got a few questions for yah. Mods-Spectre CAI, dual SI-SO flowmaster super 40's from the cats back, 5 star custom tunes. I have an 87/91 daily street tune (raptor specific) 87 economy and 91 performance tunes on a SCT X4...
  2. Raptor Trail Control Demo

    Off Road Discussion
    Hello again, I'm sure plenty of you already know all about the Trail Control feature added to the Raptor in 2019. For those who aren't aware or would like more info and a walkthrough, check out my latest video. Please like and subscribe for more content like this. Thank you.
  3. D4264760-0233-445C-B727-BC5D47EFD214.jpeg


    Day out at Big Cypress Preserve
  4. 6CE2D5DC-3514-497A-A8A1-D309520DD4AF.jpeg


    A little day out at Big Cypress Preserve
  5. Savvy Turtle 2014 Stripped Raptor Build

    Custom Ford Raptor - Complete Builds
    This thread is for our entire Raptor build so we look less spammy on the forum while keeping everything in one area for discussions, Thanks everyone for your help thus far as we go we really appreciate it. Savvy Turtle Our Raptor is a 2014 Crew Cab anything you want to know feel free to ask...
  6. Hi Folks Savvy Turtle new kid on the Raptor Big Block saying Hello!

    Newbie Check In!
    We are a new owner of now two Generation one Raptors one that we are currently rebuilding from the ground up with the same factory parts or better if upgrades for any part is available... the other Raptor we bought and is a salvaged titled rollover Raptor but works for the parts we need. We...
  7. Are Bed Cap For Sale 5.5ft, Color: Shadow Black

    Ford Raptor Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    - fully carpeted interior - LED Lighting - Fishing Rod Holders - Windows that Open - Excellent condition, only on truck for 4 months - Previously on 2017 Ford Raptor - COLOR: Shadow Black - Fits 5.5ft 2017 Raptor Asking Price: $1400
  8. Would You Trade Your Raptor For A Tesla Cybertruck?

    Ford Raptor General Discussion - Reply Only
    Any thoughts on this welcome? Anyone have plans to upgrade/downgrade to a CyberTruck? At first look, I was like WTF, but as time goes it starts to grow on me. So for now, I just put my $100 deposit down and have 2 years to decide. 70,000 for a truck that will do 0-60 in 2.9s Crazy.
  9. Baja Designs Squadron Pro Bumper Light Kit

    Ford Raptor Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    Complete turn key kit from Offroad Alliance purchased new for $1131. Kit includes trim and bezels to fit two pair of Baja Designs Squadron Pro Lights, vehicle specific wiring harness to use the factory switches, all mounting hardware and rubber gaskets that were included originally and of...
  10. Greater Seattle Raptor Meet

    Ford Raptor General Discussion - Reply Only
    Come out and enjoy a good time ! Find us on instagram: Emeraldst8_raptors
  11. 2014 Ford Raptor Svt Roush Pre Runner, Long Travel

    Ford Raptor For Sale
    2014 SVT Roush Ford Raptor with over $100k in professionally installed and quality upgrades. Roughly 60K miles. So much to list on this build without enough space to write it up. Amazing truck being one of a kind. 1. Ford 6.2L with factory installed Supercharger by roush. 2. Front 3.0 king...
  12. Meetups

    are there any raptor meetups, off-road trips in here in Southern California?
  13. [WTB] Takeoff's Gen2 Ko2's (wheels/tires) Set Of 4

    Ford Raptor Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    Looking to buy a set (4 wheels/Tires) of Ko2 takeoff's. Low miles (under 100) and local to the Michigan area. PM me Thanks!
  14. 2014 Ford Raptor Owner In Vermont

    Newbie Check In!
    Hello Everyone. Just picked up a unique low mileage 2014 Raptor. Bought it in Dallas and drove it back to Vermont. Feel free to check some pictures of it here: Raptor Ready (@v8raptorready) • Instagram photos and videos Please follow me on IG @V8RaptorReady Cheers! -George
  15. Truck King Usa [the "sa" Wont Capitalize!] - Newbie Check-in

    Newbie Check In!
    I LOVE FORD RAPTORS!!! THEY ARE THE BEST TRUCK EVER!!! I LOVE THEM MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE BEING THE TRUCK KING!!! About Me: This is the official king of [Pickup] Trucks! As you saw, I put brackets for "Pickup". This is because when I say "Truck" that means I AM NOT meaning a semi, BUT meaning a...
  16. 2019 Raptor

    Newbie Check In!
    Rick here, 59, just sold my house of 59 years here in the bay area and went to the dealership to buy my raptor before the sale even closed!!
  17. [WTB] Gen1 Upper Bumper Cover (valance)

    Ford Raptor Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    Looking to buy an oem upper bumper cover for a 2011 SCREW. Ingot silver preferred, but will take any color or unpainted. Ford part # AL3Z17D957CPTM. I can pick up if close to central WA, but will pay reasonable s/h if necessary.
  18. Four Wheel Drive Clunking

    GEN 1
    Having an issue where when I engage the 4wd on my raptor; it begins to have to have a clunk. Usually happens when I give it some gas. The video is above if you can give me any advise on what the problem may be. Thanks
  19. [WTB] Gen 1 Icon Shocks In Stock

    Ford Raptor Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    Hey everyone brand new here, Iam up in Alberta Canada here and having a heck of a time finding any supplier than has a set of Icon shocks in stock. I just purchased this truck (2014 Raptor) and the factory shocks are needing a rebuild. The dealer has agreed to pay for 4 new replacements, the...
  20. Day 1 of ownership

    Day 1 of ownership

    2011, Raptor