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  1. Any gen1 raptor street builds out there

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    Afternoon gentleman, I was wondering if there happen to be any members out there that have their raptor set up for speed on the road rather than the trail. I just decided to downsize pulley wheels again and go to a 69mm wheel on my Roush supercharger. I was told by JDM tuning the 6.2...
  2. How much stress can the 6.2 handle

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    Evening guys, I have a growing concern for my raptors well being. I have a 2013 supercharged raptor with the JDM 700 hp package coupled with Corsa exhaust, AFCO heat exchanger, and traction bars. According to JDM, this is supposed to have the truck sitting around 530hp to the wheels. So here is...
  3. 700+HP