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  1. Front Facing Camera

    SYNC Questions and Info
    I'v seen some general discussions on front facing cameras, but after a trip to the dealership they couldn't answer any of my specific questions on my 2011 with Microsoft Sync. 1. Is the Nav tv upgrade (or similar product) compatible with the MS Sync? 2. I wanted to install a forward facing...
  2. Sync3 Bluetooth Issues Switching To Headset Randomly

    2017 Ford Raptor Forum - Reply Only
    So I'm having a weird problem where I'm on a call using an iPhone 7 latest code with my headset plugged in, then Sync3 will switch the call to use Bluetooth. I have to manually switch it back to headset and it does this back n forth at random times with no rhyme or reason. Anyone else having...
  3. Sync Restarting

    2017 Ford Raptor Forum - Reply Only
    I picked up my 17' raptor about 3 weeks ago. Everything has been good until yesterday. My wife and I were on a trip a couple hours away and stopped to get something to drink. When we got back in the truck and started driving down the street the Sync system just randomly restarted. Causing us to...