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  1. 2020 OEM Wheels and Tires for sale

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    Brand new just picked up the car yesterday!! $2100
  2. What Size Wheels Do You Think These Are?

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    I'm looking to replicate this same setup and was wondering what you guys think these wheels are, I know the tires are 38 x 15.5 with 20 inch diameter wheels but I'm not sure on the width of the wheel. If you guys can tell based on the attached pictures please vote in the poles.Thanks
  3. [WTB] Takeoff's Gen2 Ko2's (wheels/tires) Set Of 4

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    Looking to buy a set (4 wheels/Tires) of Ko2 takeoff's. Low miles (under 100) and local to the Michigan area. PM me Thanks!
  4. Wheel Offset

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    Hey guys, Not a wheel and tire expert by any means, and I'm trying to determine what the offset figures (-12,+1, +20) represent and how they relate to stock wheels. Thanks in advance for your help
  5. Wheels

    Newbie Check In!
    thoughts on vorsteiner wheels. I’m looking into vorsteiner venom rex 601 20” wheels. Seems to be a decent package offering here: Vorsteiner Venom REX 601 20" Wheel Tire Package - TAG Motorsports Had my mind set on HRE wheels but $2100/ wheel was not feasible. They are a 1 piece forged wheel.
  6. [WTS] Method Race Wheels 17x8.5

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    Style : MR309 0ffset : 0mm Size : 17 x 8.5 Finish : Titanium Face/ Matte Black Lip Bolt Pattern : 6 x 135 Truck is gone. I took the wheels off before I traded it in. Fits the factory KO2’s. They are less than a year old. They are great shape. I don’t want to ship these. Unless you cover the...
  7. Looking For Wheels

    Ford Raptor Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    Looking for a couple 2010 wheels for my trailer project or a set of the OEM beadlock wheels. I have a 2010 and am in WV. Thanks.