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Does anyone know if the Raptor grilles with front-facing cameras will fit a 2011? I had an accident recently (not my fault) and noticed the oem front grilles are about $80 cheaper for the 2012-2014 versions w/ cam for some weird reason, vs the 2011 versions without the cam, and figured that as long as the mounting and fitment are the same, why not?

It might even be a fun project to attempt to incorporate the front cam into my dash display and activate it with a switch.

2011 non-cam grille part #: CL3Z-8200-DA
2012-14 cam grille part #: CL3Z-8200-EA

Now for the torture porn...


Also, what bumper should I get? I'm kinda leaning toward the Redrock Tubular unit w/ the 30" light bar kit. Looks pretty rugged...

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