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To keep things brief, I have installed the NAV-TV module and it works great when the weather is warm (summertime in Alberta). I have a functioning backup camera and can use my front camera in motion. Everything works fine.

However, I notice that once the temperature starts to drop to around 15 degrees Celsius my cameras start acting up. In reverse, the camera will either be completely black or completely whacked out with horizontal tearing and random iterations of color lines. Sometimes these images include the parking and driving guides. Sometimes, I get no picture and an "unable to connect to camera" (or something along those lines) message. This problem occurs with both the front and rear cameras. Today during the day it was about 20 degrees outside and both cameras worked. Later in the evening, it was about 15 degrees and both cameras failed to function. To make things even more confusing.... If I use the truck on a cool morning the cameras don't function but after a bit of driving and stopping somewhere, and starting the truck again, I will have functioning cameras (not all of the time but I have noticed a pattern)!

In winter, my display will not even turn on until the truck is warmed up and I cycle the ignition after a few minutes of sitting shut off (although the cameras will still not work). Prior to NAV-TV my screen and cameras were working great in some pretty extreme temperatures.

This seems to be related to the ambient temperature. I also double checked my wiring and everything looks good. Has anyone else had any strange problems with intermediate camera failures and NAV-TV? I have lived with this for a few seasons now but would really like to fix it. Perhaps it is just a complete coincidence and I need to replace my cameras?
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