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Hey ya! Raptor community,

I need some help with buying the original 2014 Raptor front and rear suspension as I am missing most along with the upgrade I am making with the BDS 4" lift, the original fox shox, the leaf springs those 3 items I already have in place the rest I need to know is what else from the 2014 Raptor suspension do I need. Oh I also have the lower arms for the Raptor just missing the stablizer etc. they really went to town and stripped almost everything.

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

2014 F150 Raptor SVT 4WD BDS 4" Suspension Lift Kit 1508H

Also among other things all of the brake lines have been cut off both front and back with the brakes, rotors etc. all gone. no worries on this either I have replacements but just wondering about the right brake hoses to get as will the factory brake lines for the Raptor work or would I need longer ones...

Side note in General, I appreciate your guys help thus far with your older threads, from the FPDM and the Fuel Pump Relocation fuse alone has saved me a lot of time and it fires up without fail now... Thanks so much down the road I hope to be able to help out where I can, I am trying to get my suspension ordered in advance while I continue to trace down every wire, sensor etc. and make sure its good.
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