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I have a 2019 with 32k miles I may part ways with as much as I hate too. It only gets driven maybe twice a month for a short trip on the weekends for the past year since I got a company truck for my weekly commute and travel. We tend to drive my wife’s Enclave for trips and going out with the family on weekends. We also ordered a very loaded Rubicon xtreme recon sky one touch back in January that will be here this month. It was going to be my wife’s but we couldn’t continue to wait and she changed her mind on what she wanted of course lol. If it wasn’t for her I would have ordered a 392

Trying to decide whether to keep my truck or the Jeep when it gets here. I can’t justify in my mind having two similar vehicles that early get driven and two trucks. I absolutely love my Raptor but the Jeep would make a better weekend, beach toy that my wife could drive too. She’s terrified to drive my truck

Trying to figure out if I decide to get rid of it what I should ask for it. If I decide to sell the Rubicon I can flip it for a profit given the market as well.

Mods are as follows

Innov8 w 37” BFG also both black and gold rings and bolts. I still have the OEM bead locks with 35” BFG May swap out and sell separately

Add frame cut front and pro bolt on rear bumpers

Eibach springs

Stainless works dump exhaust (still have oem as well)

Cobb Intercooler

turbo smart BOV

Cobb tuner

E&G console vault

KC pro 6 light bar

Rigid 20” in bumper and pods in back

Bed rug

Lo Max bed cover

AMP power steps (still have OEM as well)

I don’t think I missed anything lol

Pristine condition and unfortunately never off road due to life (I know I know) pavement princess although this was not the plan when I bought it.

I have seen the typical price range they are going for and Really hate to go through the tire kickers process but won’t get what it’s worth on trade.

Whitegoldraptor on Instagram for more pics

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Sounds as though you should sell the Raptor. Makes no sense to keep it if you are not driving it. The minute you drive it off the lot, it depreciates in value by x1000 and just keeps going down from there. The one exception would be if you park it in a climate controlled garage, put it on blocks and pull it out in 10 or 20 years..... And, from someone that has mod'd the hell out of trucks, you will never get that cost back. The good news now is the used car/truck market is at a premium - not sure how long it will last, but if you plan on selling now is a good time. I suspect we are on the downhill slope of that market, but still good for now. Good luck in whatever you decide.

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Had 3, all stock.

2010 Supercab white 6.2L $46k new, traded with 80k miles for $38k
2013 Supercrew race red 6.2L $51k new, traded with 29k miles for $48k
2018 Supercrew Leadfoot EcoBust $72k new, traded with 50k miles for $62k

Curious as to how much I'll get for the current 2021 Powerboost Platinum on my next trade/sale.
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