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Hi All,

Currently own an F250 Tremor and downsizing to an F150 Raptor as needs no longer dictate a 3/4 for towing (have access to other tow vehicles now). Would prefer something more suitable for daily driving, but still capable of carrying my MX bikes and the driving I do on dirt/gravel roads both too and from home as well as the areas I ride.

That said I currently have two options available to me. A '21 Raptor with 30k miles, black on black with the tailgate applique and sticker package. And a '22 with 9k miles. Similar options. The '21 has the stickers (which I do not care for and would remove), Both 35" package and optioned nearly the same. The '21 has the brushed aluminum wheels, which I think are ugly, while the '22 has the bead lock capable wheels (which I prefer for the stock wheel options). Both have the carbon fiber package. The '21 has the pro-power onboard, the '22 does not. Thats not a huge deal for me. I am intending to put aftermarket tires and wheels on anyways, so although it is not a deal breaker, it would be nice to have a set of tires/wheels I could live with for several months.

The '22 is about 5k more, but significantly less miles.

As silly as it may seem I really wanted the applique tailgate. To me it is traditional Raptor. My concern is, trying to source a replacement tailgate later. Not sure how pricey it would be or how practical. I know there are owners out there that prefer the non-applique tailgate. Not sure how common that is though and whether there is much demand for a trade of non-applique for applique tailgate amongst owners.

Curious what others would do in a similar situation. Should something as silly as a tailgate really be a hold up?
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