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Hey yall so I've got a 2013 6.2 raptor and so far I've done a few mods but got a few questions for yah.
Mods-Spectre CAI, dual SI-SO flowmaster super 40's from the cats back, 5 star custom tunes.
I have an 87/91 daily street tune (raptor specific) 87 economy and 91 performance tunes on a SCT X4 tuner.

So far I've only ran the 87 daily and can tell a noticeable difference in throttle response and shift points.
Questions -
1. Does anyone know what type of gains I'll receive from these tunes number wise?
2. Is there a better tune worth checking into?
3. Has anyone had good experience with SCT X4 and the custom tunes from 5 star?

Any info would be gladly appreciated and I read up on what I could find on the forums about 5 star but still didn't find answers. Again thanks for yalls time!
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