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Im a new Raptor owner (Used 2018 w 50k miles) and couldn’t be more excited!! I’ve been dreaming about this moment for 10 years and I still feel like I’m dreaming. Picked up my truck several weeks ago and immediately started going through everything. I look out the window every couple hours waiting for someone to take it like I don’t deserve it or something I’m still in shock from what I paid, but we live once and it was very clean and well maintained. Since this is a DD and my new family rig for weekend adventures, I had to make sure everything checked out. First thing I did was jack it up and put it on stands, stripped tires off and started my PMC. Military days die hard.

Right away I noticed some minor things needed replaced / fixed / serviced (Tires, brake pads, battery, sparks, fluid service). All those things are now ordered and will be handled within the next two weeks or so. The big issue is the suspension - I had no idea Fox recommended servicing the shocks after 30-50k!! After buying such an expensive truck and then dropping a couple grand right off the bat on upkeep - I’m now trying to wrap my head around options for a rebuild.

I can’t afford to drop 7k on new Fox 3.0’s and I’m worried about the quality of rebuilds I’m seeing on the forums. Even a rebuild w Deavers and Eibachs would be costly and put me out for a couple weeks. Does anyone have some good advice for this scenario? (Daily driving 90% and medium trail running the other 10%. Nothing crazy as I’m more about capability when needed and longevity. I’ll be taking my two boys (5 & 8) and wife for weekend trips through national parks and state parks camping 7 months a year. Loading back with about 200-300lbs and rolling out weekend after weekend. I can afford maybe a couple grand more into it right away but man it’s tough)

Any suggestions would be welcomed and thanks again for any help offered in advance!

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