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Hey guys! We are SUPER Excited about this one!

Baja Designs has introduced two different kits for the bumper of the Ford Raptor.

The first kit is a Squadron Fog Light kit, sporting 14,400 lumens of pure brightness! Kit includes 4 Squadrons of your choice (Spot, Flood, Driving, or Wide-Cornering) and brackets along with a wiring harness.

This kit will be priced starting at $1149.99, the Wide-Cornering lights are $30 extra each light.

The other kit is the OnX Fog Light Kit, sporting 7,200 lumens! This kit is meant to compliment your spot beam lights in the center of the bumper, such as a Single or Dual Stealth kit. The lights are spread out the sides to give you a good view of what's around you, not just dead ahead. These lights can also be configured in a Spot, Driving, or Wide-Cornering beam pattern. Both the Squadron and OnX kits will be offered in an Amber option as well!

This kit will be priced at $774.99

Kits will be available THIS Friday!!


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