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We are now dealers for Contour! We have a few Roam cameras and a few GPS models coming in next week as well as the Roll Bar Mounts!....

Okay guys, here's some info on these cameras!

There are three different models: The "Roam" which is the newest, yet simplest camera they offer and the camera that will fit the bill for most folks. The second is the "GPS" which offers video mapping using Contour's software and Google Maps. You can replay your whole ride while keeping and eye on where you went, how fast you were going, and elevation. The last camera is the "Plus" and is the top of the line Contour camera. It also allows live streaming via HDMI as well as GPS mapping.

The cool thing about the GPS and Plus models is the ability to see exactly what the camera is seeing using the ConnectPlus card. If you have an Iphone you plug this card in, make sure your Bluetooth is on, and you see a 7 frame per second view of your camera which makes aiming really easy. If you have an Android phone, no card is needed. Laser alignment is standard on the Roam and GPS models.

One of the nicest features of these cameras is the "easy on" record switch so you are never left wondering if your camera is recording or not.

Here is a picture of the "Roam" model, and below is a link to a full compare and spec sheet of all the cameras!

We will have 2 of the Roam models and one GPS in stock tomorrow. We can also get the Plus models, just call us or email us to place the order

Contour | Products | Compare Cameras


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