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I have been think of a simple setup that would allow me to run a small 8000 btu air conditioner in my truck cap which will allow me to camp in the hot summers of Oklahoma.

I would just get a generator but in the places I go they are known to grow legs and leave around 3 am.
Also it would be nice not having to carry and miss with a generator.

I’m wondering if I could add a second larger alternator and keep it separate from the truck electrics. I would wire it to the passenger area where it would charge a large portable battery bank. This battery bank would power a small 8000 btu air conditioning that runs on about 1000 watts. I would intermittently set my truck to turn on through the night using the ford app and auto start feature and it should idol for about 15 min to help recharge the battery bank. Any thoughts if this setup would work and be safe? They now have battery banks that can charge from EV car chargers so I assume they could handle a large alternator.

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