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I found this:

Roush Fenway Racing's Greg Biffle will drive a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor R at next week’s Best in the Desert Terrible’s 250 at Primm.

Biffle agreed to drive the vehicle a couple months ago when Ford engineers were looking for some professional feedback.

“When I think of Raptor the first thing that comes to mind is a proven off-road piece with its finish in the Baja 1000, and I think it’s a long-time overdue, if you want my opinion,” said Biffle, who is participating in the event’s Fun Run on April 16 before heading to Phoenix for the following Saturday night’s NASCAR event. “… I’ve been paying attention and watching some of the desert testing that they’ve done and I can’t wait.”
Biffle won the 2000 Camping World Truck Series title in a Ford, but this will be a new experience. He also competes in Fords in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

“I really enjoy off-roading. I enjoy riding motorcycles. I enjoy my sand car,” said Biffle, who will be driving the truck campaigned by former Ford Rough Riders Rob MacCachren and Steve Olliges in all five Best in the Desert races this year. “I’ve never prerun Baja or anything like that, and I might do that this year, but I’ve never really been in a specific off-road. I’ve watched the stuff on Speed a lot. It looks fun and it looks exciting to do, so I’d like to mess with it a little bit.

“I think that I would be more of a closed-course guy than wide-open across the desert, not knowing what’s over the next hump. Just going wide open where you have no idea what’s coming up may not be the thing for me. I don’t even do that on the sand dunes. I get to know my area fairly well when I’m there, and then you can have a lot of fun. I think this is going to be somewhat similar. Certainly, it’s going to have some limitations over something like a sand car, but it’s going to do way more than a regular pick-up will do – or anything street legal you want to take off-road. So, it’ll be fun to experience what it’ll be like to drive. I’m looking forward to it.”

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