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Looking to upgradd my stock front suspension, (Spelled with two DDs for a double dose of dipping and diving.) I have 18” of travel in the rear already looking to get 18 in the front. I originally was looking at rpg Home - RPG Offroad (I like the colors they use, but this is not about color) then I saw svc

2010 - 2014 Ford Raptor Suspension

and it allowing a little more suspension, but last night I stumbled onto FMI


Who can give me advice on which one to go with and why. My plan right now is to eventually even out my suspension, bigger brakes, 37x 12ish tires with 19” rims minimum to fit bigger Rotors. Probably going to have to do a body lift or get the high fenders. Has anyone done any of these kits or is there a better kit that I haven’t seen?


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