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Ive been told for years, the trade offs of linking the rear. That the truck would handle like a marshmallow on the road and loose daily drivability, that they cant tow, loose the bed, relocate gas tank, cage the cab etc.

The Gen 3 raptor (not to mention Ram TRX) seems to gain more credibility every day that its running a five link rear end. The Gen 3 is reportedly capable of towing 8000 lbs, and taking corners with 4 wheels on the ground....and has a full bed.

Could this geometry and setup be used on our Gen 1's to make them streetable as well as increased performance off road?(Tweaked for more travel of course) I understand concessions would have to be made in terms of bedspace for a rack, gas tank relocation and such, but at its core, a linked truck capable of serious off roading, towing a boat to the lake, and hauling a couple motorcycles would be incredilbe.

Is it possible?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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