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I am new to the forum and would like to ask some advise with regards to an issue i have with my 2014 gen 1 Raptor, mileage 45k

The problems i am experiencing are bad idle and lack off power, when i accelerate anymore than 5% throttle i get induction noise zero forward movement then a bad metallic sound from the engine then i get code P0308 Cylinder Misfire it can vary from dif cylinders normally cylinder 8, i have also had code P013C O2 sensor slow response rich to lean bank 2 sensor 2. this code does not show all the time.

So far the following thing have been changed.

Airflow sensor
Coil packs
Spark Plugs
Spark plug leads
Camshaft sensors
Purge Valve sensor
Speed sensors

I have also had the rocker cover off and checked for broken valve springs and they are all intact. the engine runs very smooth but when throttle is applied sounds terrible and wont run.

I am in Bangkok Thailand and there is zero support for my truck here. it is the only one in the country so any advise you can give would be much appreciated as i am running out of things to replace.

Thanks in advance.
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