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had my 2013 Raptor for 7 years now. When I got the truck it had around 10.000 Miles on it and spent these miles in germany. When I got the truck shipped home (Sweden) all was good.

One thing that always botherd me was that the looks of sync 2. It did not look right, but it worked so why bother.

Well, a couple of months ago, my touchscreen stopped responding. Did some research, ended up ordering a used screen from a Ford specialist in Sweden.

Once all panels was gone I saw that the screen is not an original screen. Neither is the dvd player below it. And there is no apim in the truck. Someone must have spent alot of time making a fake sync 2. Anyways.

To get things sorted I just ordered a sync 2 to sync 3 upgrade. Screen and apim. But since the dvd player has 2 pin connectors and 2 antenna cables, I figured i need this one to. But im not sure. Im fine with no radio and no dvd. So question is will my system work without the dvd/cd/satellite radio?
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