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Hello everyone!

I’m new to the forum and buying my very first raptor!

raptor 1 is a 2017 802A with 45600 Miles

raptor 2 is a 2018 802A with the cheap rims and not the bead locks with 66875 miles.

Raptor 1 is 5000$ more expensive than raptor #2. But it is a year older, but also has way less miles. 2 years worth of miles. It also has some warranty left.

I’m looking to keep the raptor for 1-2 years and trade in for a newer raptor when they depreciate due to next gen. I don’t want to wait to purchase as I’m getting a great deal on these and getting out my negative equity on my trade in.

My question is , what would you buy? What is worth more in your mind for resale down the road. Mileage vs year? Should I save the 5000$ and get the newer one or should I get the older one and save myself a ton of km, get some warranty and have the raptor beadlocks.

I’m a noob when it comes to raptors, I’m buying from a dealer. I’m in Canada so it’s either 107000km vs 73000km.

Do these things depreciate harder by the year or by the km? What are your opinions?

Thank you everyone!
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