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We are a new owner of now two Generation one Raptors one that we are currently rebuilding from the ground up with the same factory parts or better if upgrades for any part is available... the other Raptor we bought and is a salvaged titled rollover Raptor but works for the parts we need. We mainly bought it for the complete interior minus the headboard and for the truck box, headlights and anything else we may need. the rest We will sell, trade or swap out to help aid us in our Raptor rebuild project while helping out some fellow Raptor owners in the process....

We have decided to step out on the ledge and finally defeat a long time obstacle of being limited with a spinal cord injury and being deaf to once again go back to working on and modifying vehicles like I used to when I was stateside in the military, making videos on youtube is new to me especially watching my voice to text app to make sure people can hear me... Any criticism, help, recommendations etc. on how to become a better youtuber during my Raptor rebuild along with becoming a better and active Ford Raptor Forumz community member please reach out and let me know as I cannot get any worse and can only strive to get better from learning things I did not know or better way to do things...

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I leave you with this quote:

"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things." - Joe Namath

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