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Hey everybody,

I bought a 2014 Raptor with 63k on it and a 2.9l whipple a couple months ago and having major problems.
I have been getting hard shifts from 1st to 2nd at very light throttle (coasting thru parking lot). If I stay on the throttle a little more it shifts fine. I also get a hard shift from 3rd to 4th, it's more like a getty up into gear. It's hard to describe but I have to be going uphill to feel it. They both are intermittent and if I pay close attention I can usually prevent it. Drives me crazy though.
2nd problem which may have been fixed. I was getting codes p2122 and p2135 for the throttle postion sensor. I was also getting hill descent control fault/service advancetrac errors on the screen. I replaced the sensor on the throttle body. Problem was gone for a month. When it showed up again I took it back to the dealer (not Ford) and they replaced a vacuum line, which was falling apart, and the ignition coil on cylinder 5. A couple different times I got codes p0300 and p0305 for misfires on cylinder 5. The check engine codes have been gone for about a month and now i'm getting the hill descent fault/advance trac again but no check engine light. It seems like I bought a truck with multiple problems. Any ideas on this one? I'm thinking it's shifting funny because of the throttle problem it had and maybe the hill/advancetrac problem. I have read about the third corrosion in the third brake light which I haven't been able to take a good luck at because I put a topper on. I also checked the plug on the e-brake bracket which looked ok. The dealer I took it back to said they checked the throttle body wiring harness extension for the whipple and it looked good. Whipple had recommended that. Tranny really seams to shift like butter when the truck is running right. I'm not sure if I should try to get it retuned or keep throwing parts at it. Any ideas would be appreciated. Ford wouldn't touch the codes for the TPS sensor due to the whipple so I' not sure going back to them would be helpful. Sucks because I bought a bumper to bumper 3rd party warranty with the truck that now seems useless.

Thanks for any input!
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