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Have a 2013 SCREW which started jerking occasionally when on throttle, then stalling when not. It would stall in the middle of intersections, when waiting for a light, etc. Finally, it threw a code P025A which is about the Fuel Pump Control Module not getting the correct voltage. I removed and inspected the FPCM which is mounted above the spare tire and it appeared to be fine. I then opened the fuse box under the hood and looked for the fuel pump circuits. Fuse 26 was brown. I pulled it out and it disintegrated. I looked at the fuse socket and the 12 volt side was charred and part of the fuse was still stuck in it. Luckily, the other side of the fuse was fine.
I used a ring terminal and pushed it into the good side of the fuse connector. Then I wired through a 10A fuse and to location 70 where a 12 volt hot terminal was found. The old fuse was 20A and I will get a 20 for it. Therefore, I bypassed the burned terminal with this plan. Not sure how long I am going to leave it this way but it is working now. I may pull the fuse panel and hard wire to the fuel pump relay input. This would be the best and longest lasting fix. Note also that I wedged some plastic (tie wrap pieces) into the socket to hold the ring terminal in place.

Update: There is a Ford fix for this.
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