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Apologize if this is not the correct forum section for this post. Bought a 2018 Gen 2 this week 44k miles. Long post!

Researched this truck like crazy. Constantly heard floaty suspension, and quiet interior. Rolls over everything and you barely know it.

test drive was on highway and fresh paved side roads. Everything sounded great so I pulled trigger. Drove 40 min home and to work on some less than ideal roads, cracks, potholes, what I consider small bumps in road and I can not believe how loud, shaky, and annoying this is to be in. Sounds like the front end and directly under the driver seat is going to fall out from under me at the smallest bump in the road. I feel like I get 3-4 vibrations from a small rock. Hard blows at what seems to be uneven concrete. I refuse to believe this is the floaty, magnificent suspension truck) every reviewer mentions. No way people are hearing and feeling what I’m feeling and hearing and thinking … oh yeah! This rocks. I am coming from a stock 2015 XLT f150 with 80k miles and it was so much better on road. GF has same XLT but with fox shock upgrade and her interior is silent and amazing on road. Am I missing something!? Are my shocks blown at 44k!? Something else? Is this just what daily Raptor life is like!? I have brand new stock KO2s(38 psi all around) so I get, bigger, wider and some road noise. Just feeling so much buyers remorse if this is my new daily.

Sorry! Rant over! I can’t return this vehicle to the dealership … found out today they don’t have a return policy even though it’s been 3 days.

truck was a 1 owner, no accident.

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