Just Mid-perched'ed Yesterday And It's Glorious

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    Hate I waited as long as I did. I used a modified version of the on-vehicle method...

    1. Disconnected sway bar end links from the LCA.

    2.Raised one side at a time at frame to full suspension droop, leaving wheel on for now...this just so I coild get the upper clamping jaw into the forward upper corner of the spring bucket.

    3. Attached both spring clamps about 180 degrees from each other (got pretty close)

    4. Lowered truck completely so that all weight was back on spring, then hit the clamps with the impact--didn't take much after initial tension since the spring was already being compressed by the weight of the truck. I should also note that I position both clamp ends with the wrench end down so I could hit each with the impact.

    5. Jacked the truck back up to full droop and removed the wheel (found that removing the tire rod end was unnecessary)

    6. Tried securing the spring to the upper bucket with cargo strap as in the RPG video, but lower srping was stuck too tight on the lower spring pocket...had to pry it out with a screwdriver--taking care not to mar the aluminum. With that was able to get plenty of room between spring an lower shock pocket.

    7. The lower pocket set screw was pretty tight...was certain it was going to strip. Soaked the whole area in Rem Oil (as in the aerosol version of the popular gun oil--didn't have any break free, plus thought Rem oil be safer on the shock finish and bushings). Then using a screwdriver handle-style allen wrench, applied slow but progressively higer tension on the set screw--using the torsional flexibility of the thin steel of the allen wrench to my advantage. With that the screw popped out.

    8. And after that, it's all pretty self explanatory.... But I can elaborate if anyone wants me too.

    Methinks any shop that charges more than an hour labor for this job is gouging you.

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