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I own an auto mobile detailing company in Phoenix, Arizona and figured I should get something nice for myself for the times I need to help the guys out. I bought myself a 2012 Ford Raptor with 78k miles and it will soon get wrapped Nardo Grey as my company name is Nardo Detailing. Great truck so far! Have been able to throw our pressure washing skid with a 100 gallon tank in the back with no issues! 12MPG sure isn't the best but it's not our primary mobile unit so gas doesn't bother me. This truck truly is just so comfortable to drive. Seats are great, sound system is decent, 6.2L sounds tough, and overall very happy with the purchase.

So far no mods done. Plan to take it to a local shop to get oil done and discuss some preventative maintenance items if recommended.

Only issues are a weird squeaking noise coming from the rear when I drive off and heard it might be a squeaky tailgate. Second, blinkers are a pain and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

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