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Hello All, I'm a new guy - new to Raptors in general and boy has it been bitter-sweet to say the least.

I purchased a used 2018 Ingot Silver Raptor on Nov 1, 2020. Within a week, the tapping noise I heard in the motor was driving me nuts. I searched forums and found out it was cam phasers.....I took it to the dealership and obviously with under 60k miles it was under warranty. They had the truck for 14 days, and got it fixed. No more tapping.

I then began to hear a deep knocking sound about a week later, took it in and the tech could hear it...he even stated that it was a very pronounced knock. They couldn't get me in for a while due to being booked so I scheduled an appointment for them to do a deep dive - again, under warranty. The "deep dive" concluded that I had a "Dead Cylinder" and the engine had to be replaced!!!

WHAT the *&@?

They also told me that the repair would take 4-6 weeks due to parts availability and time to repair. What a disgusting mess....

The dealership could see that I was disappointed. They made me an offer for the truck, which was much less than I paid of course, and I took it and walked away from that truck. I'm sure the rebuilt engine will be better, but it all was just a bad experience.

I now purchased a 2020 and have yet to hear any problems, but it's only been a few days. I hope and pray that the 2018 was just a bad vehicle and these issues are behind me. I loved the truck and everything about it except the motor.

I've read thread after thread about issues with cam phasers and other items, but nothing related to the knocking I Was hearing...or a "dead" cylinder.

Tell me I'll ok!!!!

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