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I typo'd my user name HAHA - Maybe an admin can fix it and make me iceman instead of icema???

Anyway I have not ordered my truck yet. I'm holding out a but but saw my first one on the road the other day and was really impressed. It was all black which is what I likely would go for despite the pain of keeping it clean.

Current rides are a heavily modified 2007 GT500 triple black vert. with 900 or so HP (thanks BVM Performance for the goodies to get me there), a 2003 HD Duece (for sale for 10K with only about 3500-4K miles I think) and a 2000 Jeep Cherokee classic with 3.5" Rubicon Express lift and some other offroad goodies. It's my daily driver and would go away if/when I get a raptor.

I hope to get impressions from others on here as well as a lot of pics and ideas on mods that are desirable.
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