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So, don't really post here because my 2012 Screw cab has never had an issues. Runs like a champ until about 2 months ago. I was lucky that when my fuse 27 melted the truck was in my drieveway. I looked at the fuse it was done....singed on one side like all the rest Ive seen. I tried replacing it and all I did was drain the battery. Did some research, purchased the relocation kit and installed it. Still nothing. Battery was at 10 volts. Bought new battery and it started like a charm. 3 weeks later I got a trailer break sensor warning. Didn't think much of it since I don't trailor anything with the truck. 3 weeks later Im driving down the road and the damn thing shuts down completely, rolls to the side of the Road and the hazards wouldn't even come on. Nothing when you turn the key.

I checked the fuse relocation and it seems fine. Checked the Trailer brake fuse and its fine. Haven't taken apart the fuse box to see if maybe my solder wasn't good or melted. Doing that today, but was curious if anyone had something similar?
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