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Rear End Collision Advice

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Hello! My fiancé and I were rear ended by an infinity suv this past weekend leaving San Antonio to go back home in Austin
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They hit us pretty hard on the left side leaving some pretty significant damage to the entire left back corner of our raptor. The bumper metal frame is bent on the left side. Left side bed panel is crushed into the fender flare (which is toasted). Bumper ripped off. I believe there is a problem with the left side axel as well just base on how much higher the left side frame is bent, not and expert just going off visuals. Was wondering is anyone had experience with this kind of wreck. Also, cherry on top, they other driver was not ensured. They in fact did not have drivers licenses either.
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Do not remove or unbolt anything. Sometimes body shops need the items to remain on so as to keep the frame horns, etc. from moving when the support pieces are removed. Did the bed contact the cab?
Feel your pain. My Raptor has been in the shop for weeks. Also hit left side rear, from pics it would look pretty minor, but it is nearly $13K in damage.
Yes it doesn't take much to get into big bucks. Had a high school kid back into the right front bumper in a parking lot. He left a note on the windshield with $50 saying it ought to cover it. New bumper, bumper trim painted, replacement driving lights cost $4300.
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