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Rigid Industries :: Overland Expo 2015 :: Flagstaff, AZ :: Who's going?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion!' started by RigidIndustries, Apr 16, 2015.

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    Who's planning on making the trip out to the Overland Expo West this year?
    We saw a few Raptors built for adventure present last year.

    Official Event Info: Overland Expo Website

    We will have a booth set-up and looking forward to hearing some stories, shooting the sh*t, seeing some great adventure minded builds and of course the happy hours are always a great time!

    Mark your calendars for 8pm that Friday evening for our demo:
    LED Exploration: An Optic for Every Need
    Rigid Industries LED Lighting will be demonstrating the optimal light and optic combination for different scenarios from recovery to adventuring. Complete the course and receive the coveted Rigid Light Merit Badge. Refreshments to be served.

    These special edition PVC patches will be Velcro backed.
    What do you think of our design?


    Planning on attending?
    Drop us a photo of your rig so we can make sure to be on the look out for you!


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