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rotors resurfaced

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My 2013 Raptor needed front and back pads and rear rotors resurfaced at 26k miles.. Is that normal? acceptable? $670 at the dealer
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I still have the original brakes on my raptor at 100,000 km, I used to tow a lot in the first 2 years I had the truck and my trailer brakes didn't work on one trip and I overheated the front rotors and had to get them resurfaced, I've never done anything else to the brakes, but I'm sure she's not far from needing new everything soon!!
My 2012 has 18k just bought 3 weeks ago. they just put new rear pads on which I thought was nuts. Rear before front doesn't happen much. Over the weekend front were squealing like a pig. New fronts and rotors. $515.00 installed as I didn't have time. Best napa ceramics I could get but still crazy 18k and need fronts and rears.
I should add that most of the 100k is 95% highway mileage, she's a weekend warrior only, not a commuter!
I got new drill and slotted rotors, front and back, and r1 pads for about that same price. We did do the install, though. I am thinking that seems a little high to me, because the complete install only took a couple of hours, and I changed to Kevlar brake lines, too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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