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Let me preface by saying this, I know there is a similar thread but I was advised to create a new thread since the other one is 9 years old.

now to the main question; my truck has fox 3.0 rear shocks and icon leaf springs (setting 2 because I have a chase rack and spare 37) as well as a readylift 3.5 inch block (which lifts the rear by an inch).After everything is said and done, I’m sitting about an inch To high in the rear. Can add RPG drop shackles to level out my truck once again?

In the prievous thread about this, someone had mentioned that in an extreme situation the shock pistons could shoot through the top of the shocks. - would this still be the case if I add icon rear bump stops?

lastly, for all the mods I want to do, do I need aftermarket brake lines and a longer slip yoke?
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