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Hello All, This is my first post on raptorforumz.

I have a 2012 Raptor supercab w/ 57k miles. I had the leadframe replaced under the extended warranty about 3 months ago. Went to work this morning, no problems. Went to leave work and my battery was dead. Jumped it and went to pull away and it was stuck in 5th. Drove to dealer to drop it, cycled key and it wasn't stuck in 5th anymore.

When the leadframe was first replaced, I had a the 0720 or 0722 code(can't remember). This time it was stuck, I had codes u3000, u3003, b1318, and p1636 but no wrench or 0720 codes. All seem like they were set due to the dead batt. Door ajar code, batt code, communication error.

Is this common for a dead batt/jumpstart situation or is my lead frame or transmission malfunctioning again?

My truck is at the dealer for Monday appt. but I'm wondering if I just need a new batt and the stuck in 5th had something to do with that or if I should try to get the dealer to replace the leadframe again. No 0720 code might not replace it again...
Note:. I was at the dealer a week ago for a buzzing noise coming from the trans(solenoid stuck on causing batt drain?) when the key was off. Seemed to stop buzzing after 30min so they said it was normal and couldn't here it unless the key was on.

Any ideas ?
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