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To be honest, I'm a little envious of owning SYNC4.it supports both wired and wireless ‌CarPlay‌, offering maximum flexibility for phone integration. Wireless setup is simple, requiring only a quick pairing confirmation via Bluetooth before the Wi-Fi connection is made.
I stumbled across this little plugin that solved my troubles.It works well with my car, no issues so far. It converts wired CarPlay and Android Auto to wireless. I am satisfied with is that no longer needs to be plugged into the car, freeing up the phone. The setup is easier and the re-connection is pretty fast. Playing videos and movies, and mirroring the screen to the dashboard is what I am most satisfied with.
I installed it in the center console, so its totally out of view and connects perfectly. The phone syncs up wirelessly right after the car is started up, doesn't seem to be latency or lag, audio quality is great (wireless CarPlay uses WiFi not Bluetooth, so you don't have the music quality issue you have with Bluetooth). I used both Apple Maps and Google Maps during my test period and both responded as I expected. There was no lag in getting directions and the touchscreen was as responsive as with a wired connection.
For SYNC3 owners who want to use wireless CarPlay and AA, I recommend you to use it. I would love to share this item and the price is reasonable. By the way, I used the discount code "SAVE15" to get 15% off. If you are interested and also want to own wireless CarPlay, you can try it.
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