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Very Cool truck, I love the power, ammenities, the look, manuverability. I wanted a Truck to carry my KTM, that is fast and comfortable. I think the Raptor would have been it. On paper anyways. So I put my hard earned money out and bought a used with 22K miles or so in the midwest, and drove it back to the west coast.

I have, and travel (mostly live in) in a Class A motor home and pull, either a box trailer with my wife's car in it, or my 00' F350 with 4 wheels on the ground. I've clocked about 150,000 miles, over the last 22 years or so, with one or the other back there. In July I purchased a 18' Raptor on with the specific understanding that it could be towed with 4 wheels down also. It says so in the manual and all dealer available information.

I have gone thru the ritual described in the manual to tow the raptor with 4 wheels down and done so for about 2,000 miles now. 2 weeks ago, I unhitched it and the tranny started acting up, sticking in neutral, then lurching into gear, then acting like it was in reverse and trying to pull the truck to a stop. I instantly took it to the local Ford dealer and they have had it for 2 weeks, but first made me authorize $400 in repairs. I was called today and was told that I need to further authorize $3,500 in case Ford engineers come and look at it and say its not there problem. WTF this truck has 25,000 miles on it WTF !!!! I have a complete drive train warranty.

It will be more than a week before the tranny is removed and Ford engineers can let me know if its my problem or they will cover it WTF!!! This will be a minimum of 4 weeks down.

I'm a Damm good mechanic and have torn apart, blown up, and rebuilt Fords, Chevy's,Rambler, Packard, Jaguar, Caterpillars, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Kobelco, Hitachi, Cummings, Mack engines, KTM, Honda, Husqvarna. In tractors, Motor homes, Semi trucks, race cars, and motorcycles.

I'm not sure I'll know what they show me, and that it could be my fault.

I have installed a very expensive vacuum brake system on the truck that applies brake pressure when the motor home brakes are applied. This was mentioned as a modified part of my system that may void the warranty. But Per State regulations all trailers weighing, I think 1,500 lbs, need a auxiliary braking system. Hence I installed the best know unit.

Ps, My F350 has over 306,000 miles and runs great. just make sure the front hubs are unlocked, transfer case in neutral, and Tow. I bet the axles have another 50K on them from being towed 4 down

Sorry for the Rant
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