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Vendor Highlight Advertising! - This will literally dominate any print advertising you could ever do.

If you aren't using The Vendor Highlight ad spot to highlight your business on our sites, you are really missing out on a great opportunity! The spot is visible at the top of the site, on every page, for every member, and every guest that visits the site.

Using the Vendor Highlight to link your sales threads here on the forum will result in massive views to that particular thread compared to not using it at all. Using it to link your website results in the same effect.

The bar that contains the ads, will scroll if the device the visitor is using is small. this ensures all ads are seen. There is no limit to how many ads we can show up there.

When using the Vendor Highlight spot, you are also shown on our Sponsors Page. We will use the description you provided us for your Vendor Forum, or a custom one if you prefer. Shorter is better.

The Vendor Highlight has 2 options:
  1. You may link a sales thread which you have posted in your vendor forum to increase visibility. In this case, your image would be geared towards the product you are selling. (If selling headers, include headers in the image, etc.) We will run it for one month, or longer if you like. Depending on how long you are running that particular sale. If you are releasing a new product and would like to get maximum visibility on our site for a certain amount of time, the Vendor Highlight is what you want to do.
  2. Or, you can make a 150x150 pixel ad linking your company web site directly, and just leave it there forever.
When we first introduced The Vendor Highlight spot, it was used as described in Method 1. It has evolved and now Method 2 is almost always used by our advertisers. Our Vendors that have used the Highlight area love it so much, they simply don't want to take their ads down!

If using Method 1: You must create your sales thread in advance. Email me a link to the thread, and a 150x150 pixel image to [email protected]

If using Method 2: Create, and email me a 150x150 logo to use.

Contact me for pricing!

Any questions, let me know here in this thread.



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