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Do you ever take your truck out in the dunes? Do you ever go where it's the law to have a whip with an orange flag? If you do, you know what a pain it is to find a spot to hold that whip. We've all done it, duct tape, zip ties, etc.

Those days are gone! With the StickyWhip you just clean the surface of the vehicle and stick it right on. And now we are having a contest on our Facebook page to see who can guess the exact number of StickyWhip suction cups in the box!! You MUST "Like" our page, share it, and guess the number of suction cups to win. Whoever gets the closest without going over wins a FREE StickyWhips Suction Cup Whip Mount, the second place winner will receive an Alternative Offroad shirt and a StickyWhips shirt! Third place wins stickers!

Get on it guys, this goes until July 4'th at noon!

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